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The University of Dayton (UD)

DAGSI Points of Contact
Registrar: Office for Graduate Registration, St. Mary's Hall, Room 113, Phone: (937) 229-3723
Bursar: Office of the Bursar, St. Mary's Hall, Room 107, Phone: (937) 229-4111

Graduate Engineering Programs & Research
300 College Park
Kettering Laboratory, Room 266
Dayton, Ohio 45469
(937) 229-2736; FAX (937) 229-2756
Malcolm W. Daniels, Ph.D., Associate Dean

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School of Engineering Department Heads

Department of Civil Engineering

Faris Malhas, Ph.D., Chair, (937) 229-3847

Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering

Tony Saliba, Ph.D., Chair, (937) 229-2627

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Donald Moon, Ph.D., Chair, (937) 229-3611

Department of Electro-Optics

Joseph W. Haus, Ph.D., Director, (937) 229-2797

Department of Engineering Management & Systems

Patrick Sweeney, Ph.D., Chair, (937) 229-2238

Department of Graduate Materials Engineering

Daniel Eylon, Ph.D., Director, (937) 229-2679

Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

Kevin Hallinan, Ph.D., Chair, (937) 229-2835

Current Tuition Rates (As of Fall Term 2007)

Master's Level: $668 per semester hour
Doctoral Level: $760 per semester hour

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